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  • Latest Events

  • Loughborough University
  • June 2013 - Lecture tour of South Africa on Sustainable Buildings—An Alternative to Heating Ventilation and Airconditioning in June 2013

  • October 2010 Plenary Keynote Address on Sustainable Intelligent Buildings for People,16th Building Services, Mechanical and Building Industry Days Conference and Exhibition at Debrecan University Hungary









In-house courses can be set up for companies but also seminars or conference at national –international levels can be arranged. He has appointments as Honorary Visiting Professor at the following Chinese universities:

  • - Member of Executive Board for British Council of Offices (2005 - 2011) and Technical Affairs
  • - Xian University of Architecture and Technology (2007-) (See image)
  • - Polytechnic University Hong Kong (2006-2010) (See image)
  • - Shenyang Ligong University (2002). (See image)
  • - Shenyang Jianzhu University( 2002)
  • - Benxi University (2002)
  • - Tianjin University( 2000)
  • - Chongqing Jianzhu University (1994).

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