He leads an intelligent buildings research group in conjunction with the Informatics Research Centre which is directed by Professor Kecheng Liu.  Derek's projects have included:

EU PROJECT DENZERO led by Debrecan University 2013-2014

EPSRC Engineering Doctorate with Royal Bank of Scotland on Environmental Design for Maximum Trader Performance with G Middlehurst and Runming Yao 2012--2016

EPSRC Engineering Doctorate with Buro Happold on Environmental Sensory Design
with T Keeling and R A Luck 2011--2015

HEFCE funded Carbon Brainprint Project led by  Cranfield University with Cambridge and Reading Universities (£10,000) 2010-12

Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Monodrought (2008-2010)

Technology Strategy Board, 2007, Spearhead: Space Management Model with FSI and others, £1.5m (£200,000 to Reading)

EPSRC Environmental Design and Business Value Scoping Study approx £8000

EPSRC Identifying a good Briefing and Procurement Approach for Schools Project, H 30711 £47,661 (2005- 2006), £84,970 (2006-2009)

DTI Technology Programme, Co-ordinated Management of Intelligent Pervasive Spaces with Thales and School of Systems Engineering (Prof K. Liu), £160,000 (2005-2007)

Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Development of Software to Identify Whole Life Cost of Building Services with Dytecna and Informatics research Centre with Prof KL Liu., £70,550, (2005-2007)

EPSRC Ventilation in Schools GR/T23626/01, £263,147 and Department for Education and Skills, £15,000 (2005-2008).

EPSRC System Integration for Building Services C785000, ICRC £105,538.50 (2004-2006).

EPSRC  Sustainable Urban Environment Grant GR/T 04878/01 Innovative Design and Construction for People with, Universities of Southampton and Greenwich £399,922  (£1.7m total) (2004-2008).

Teaching Company Scheme (from 2003 Knowledge Transfer Partnership) with Caice Airmovement Ltd., TCS Programme 3984 on Acoustics(attenuator & fan testing) awarded 2002 for start in March 2003 £133.988 (includes £41,447 from Caice Ltd.) (2003-2005) subsequently a restart programme £97,000 until 2007.

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University of Reading
British Council for Offices
University of Debrecen
National Conference of University Professors
Thales Group